Across sectors and industries, leading organizations are making the shift toward systems-influencing roles, moving from individual investments and engagements to holistic strategies. Complex systems cannot be transformed by individuals alone—only by communities of purpose.

We believe collaboration and community grow and build each other. Powerful insights result from shared, diverse experiences. Relationships form through collective, creative work toward a common purpose.


We work with you to convene and manage a community of stakeholders to transform a system, through a program of:

  • System mapping: Analysis of current and potential actors
  • Design sessions: Plan key collaboration events
  • Operational management: Establish program office and meetings
  • Knowledge sharing: Access process knowledge
  • Relationship-building: Data-driven connections, the power of ritual, and access to our network of partners
  • Systems integration


Periodically, The Value Web identifies individuals and organizations with congruent missions and convenes them to address a topic or issue to serve the common good.

We call these emerging groups Design Tribes—gatherings or projects aimed at creating communities of purpose and using the unique relationships we have built in our network.

For more information, read about some of our Design Tribes below. 


Interested in getting involved, or co-hosting a Design Tribe in your city? Contact us!

Communities of Purpose circle


El Camino | Massachusetts

The Value Web co-convened a five-hour gathering on the issue of community violence, focused on a small but high-impact mentoring program run out of a local nonprofit.

Participants from diverse backgrounds and professions were able to: forge new relationships and strengthen existing ones with other community members; deepen their understanding about various mentoring activities taking place in their community; delve deeper into issues the mentoring program is facing; and offer up creative solutions to key challenges.

View the event invitation here.

For more information, contact Sita Magnuson.

Communities of Purpose


Minneapolis High School | Minnesota

Transforming education starts at an early age. The Value Web partnered with an inner city Minneapolis high school and ran a series of semester-long Design Tribes including coding, business, book making, and more.

They integrated People Science and a diversity approach to education to give students a new outlook on what is possible.

For more information, contact Brandon Klein.

Communities of Purpose


NetImpact | Global

The Value Web partnered with NetImpact as it brought its conference to different cities. The aim was to help the participants work with real local enterprises during the course of the conference to apply global knowledge and acumen to small nonprofits transforming their local and international outlook, ideas, and reach.

Read the write-up from the Minneapolis hub of the Global Shapers.

For more information, contact Brandon Klein.