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The Value Web was born in 2005 when the World Economic Forum (WEF) asked us to enhance and transform the experience at its Annual Meeting in Davos. Our relationship with the WEF has been a constant and has only deepened since.

Over the past decade, we have steadily increased the number and diversity of our clients. Since the beginning, we have put our methods and tools at the service of those who wanted to address common-good challenges. Simply put, our work had to benefit society at large, not only the few. Most of our work has therefore been with civil society, international, and intergovernmental organizations, foundations, academia, and government. The Value Web has also been at the forefront of facilitating multi-stakeholder platforms and public-private partnerships.

We believe our approach to be leading-edge, but what differentiates us is the mindset we bring to our work and partners: We call it Planet-centered design. We assume that in any system there is only us—we avoid the artificial divide into “us” and “them.” And we engage with everything we’ve got—hands, head, and heart.

The Value Web is built primarily on the ideas of Matt and Gail Taylor, and it took a generation for those fundamentals to mature. Their process was designed to be organic, ongoing, and systemic. It was designed to deal with a world undergoing global transformation. As futurists, the Taylors were aware of coming catastrophic changes—they knew that we had to choose between breakdown and breakthrough. They designed for breakthrough.

The Value Web has taken Matt and Gail’s work, as well as the work of many other individuals, and developed it further. At the Value Web, we believe it is our responsibility to use these ideas in an appropriate manner, improve on them, and apply them on a scale that will shape a sustainable future.

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The Value Web team absolutely blew my mind. You guys have been so amazing with what you did with people. It made me understand the true meaning of facilitation. The entire process was guided, but all the responses we came to were actually from people, by people...This is my first experience with [The Value Web], but I am blown away and my faith in humanity is restored.

Sapna GeorgeMICA: The School of Ideas

My organisation has worked for two consecutive years with The Value Web on the design and execution of our annual conference. Their support in designing for impact, coupled with a meticulous eye on the event process, elevated the ambition of our conference. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend – or work – with the team in the future.

External Engagement OfficerInternational Foundation, Swiss Branch

This is crowd sourcing of intellect at its finest.

Anita Bhatia, Director of Partnerships & Advisory Services, IFC

We just came back to NY after spending 2.5 days in Pennsylvania. There were close to 90 of us from 8 different offices around the world and the retreat went so well. I am personally very happy that we were able to work with your amazing organization. I really look forward to the 'new chapter' of this relationship that just started.

Innovation ManagerGlobal Nonprofit