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Emergent Design. What Does It Mean?

re-co-de ( is shorthand for a radical change in how people can work together. It helps addressing critical and complex issues. It is open source, for non commercial use only.

re signifies recursion & iteration.
A recursive design process has the ability to employ the same principles and processes on itself that it employs on the systems it designs. An iterative design process seeks to develop the whole from the very beginning and to add levels of definition and understanding over time. All levels will engage in iterations of work, not to arrive at the perfect answer, but to learn from each other, get feedback and take the idea further. Recursion facilitates robustness and resilience in our solutions. Working iteratively allows better feedback, and holds open the space for emergent solutions.

co signifies collaboration.
When done well, collaboration unleashes collective intelligence and channels that intelligence into the design and decision-making processes to produce dramatically better results. Collaboration recognizes that everyone has expertise, and there are no experts in the fields of the unknown and undiscovered. The complex problems we face today call for all kinds of intelligences, voices, and vantage points.

de signifies design.
Design is a very lively process. Rooted in creativity, curiousity, dialogue, inclusion, and ambidextrous thinking, design is hands on; it is both playful and thoughtful. The role of designer can be highly liberating. It can give wings to a new-found freedom to innovate and take part. Design is challenging in that often, there are no clear boundaries and either/or answers. For designers, a chance to help shape a new paradigm is the highest reward.

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