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Emergent Design. What Does It Mean?

The 7th Annual YGL Meeting attracted more than 350 YGLs to Dalian, China and The Value Web was there to facilitate them. They had their own room– wing, really– of the Congress Center, so for the better part of 5 days, the YGLs hung out, networked and dreamed together about ways to make a difference in the world.

Day 1 began and ended with this question: What is your vision to improve the state of the world? It was explored through martial arts, theatre, and large and small group discussions. One important thread that kept emerging was the need to “protect the asset.”

Day 2 carried on with this theme asking YGLs to define quality growth. A group of Chinese YGLs kicked off the discussion and, while there were geographical differences in the answers to this question, almost everyone, everywhere agreed that quality growth was dependent on finding ways to enhance happiness and redefine the ‘success metrics’ to include happiness and well-being.

Day 3 was led by YGLs. Ahead of the YGL Annual Summit around 40 YGLs submitted op-ed articles related to the theme of the Summer Davos, “Mastering Quality Growth”, in which they defined what quality growth means to them. Nine were selected and profiled live in Dalian from an individual, community, organizational, societal, ecosystem and global perspective.

Throughout the rest of the week, YGLs met in their space to meet a variety of leaders, work on taskforces and to hear YGL-led ‘Leadership Competencies’ on topics as diverse as storytelling to Sustainable Business Models to Stone Soup to Protecting the Asset.

It was a great week and, as ever, a stellar experience working with the YGLs and the WEF team.

Below are just 2 of the many amazing graphics that Kelvy and Aaron crafted during the week. To see more from The Value Web team in China, go to our Flickr page.




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