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Internet Governance and Dealing With Disruption

September 2010

The ValueWeb team has just returned to our respective homes after our biggest engagement yet with the World Economic Forum at the Annual Meeting of New Champions in Tianjin, China. Our team, 23-strong, co-designed and delivered 14 sessions in 3 days in five separate rooms.

Among the different ways the ValueWeb works with the Forum to bring collaboration to its summit, the one that is deepest and builds most on prior outcomes is the relationship with the Young Global Leaders community.

Who are the YGLs?
The YGLs are a highly diverse community of exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the global future. Each year the World Economic Forum identifies 200-250 extraordinary individuals, drawn from every region of the world. Together, and now numbering around 800, they form an international community that has the potential to positively impact the global future.

For this reason, and the energy the YGLs create from their interactions, we are always excited and honoured to design for them a playground for thoughts, collaboration, sharing, decision-making and action to help them shape their impact on our world.

In a full three-day summit in Tanzania (may 2010), 360 YGLs worked to better understand impact measurement and then mapped out their individual models of change. We asked them: How do you create positive change? What levers do you use? Who is included and how? What values drive you?
The outcome was a powerful collection of models to help them and others consider the paths to systemic positive change.
In Tianjin (September 2010), we continued the model of change theme, but opened it up from an individual (micro) perspective to a macro level, where they modeled ways to scale ‘bright spots,’ or already proven, working ideas to enhance the sustainability of our planet in 11 different sectors (for instance, sustainability and finance.)

The VW team walked away with some amazing ideas, and also a whole lot of questions. What will it take for sustainability to be a fundamental right for future generations? When is scaling good? Do jobs always mean making more stuff and using more resources?  How will we ever reduce nation-state protectionism to promote global needs?

We are just starting to co-design the YGL sessions for the Annual Meeting in Davos 2011. We will continue to integrate the work done in Tanzania and Tianjin to ensure that the YGL spirit and learnings are shared with the rest of the Davos community and beyond.

Written by Nico Gros
Edited by, Jodi Engelberg


Practitioners, we’d love to hear from you
. We often interject our methods or MGT DesignShops® in an episodic way—there often is no continuity and little follow-up with the client afterwards. The engagement with this community is ongoing and we are moving from a “session to session” way to design to a recursive one with multiple feedback loops. Thing is, the community attendance changes with every engagement. How have you managed to create coherence, themes and feedback into the system when only about 10% of the participants are the same from one session to another? How do you manage the transition or segue to another big topic? What other themes can you imagine having this exceptional community address for the good of our planet? How do you engage super busy people to care over the longer term? Please weigh in!

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