Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

HOST: Sabina D’Silva. 

Do you struggle with the shadows of doubt and fear, the unknown dark sides that plague sponsor team meetings? And would you like to learn new ways to build trust and bring them into light? 



Doubt, fear, and building trust are things I struggle with in everyday life — both work and personal. This is even more true in sponsor team meetings, especially with clients who are new to the innovation process.

Now, as we return to hybrid and physical spaces, trust-building has a new layer of challenges. So how do we approach them in better ways?  How do we demonstrate trustworthiness even in short, one-off interactions with sponsors? And how do we trust ourselves more, when doing so? 

Inspired by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s ‘Shadow and Light’ philosophy on human nature and drawing upon the Rational-Emotional-Political Model  (reference Tools: The Leader’s Guide to Collaborative Solutions by Rob Evans). 

Together, we will get up close and personal with doubt and fear, examining what they really look like. And, through asking the right questions, we will find new ways of building trust again.

We will be doing our best to hold a safe psychological space, so that you can share freely and comfortably, while keeping each other in mind.    

Link to ‘Creating Psychological Safety’ by Peter Durand: https://the-value-web.mn.co/posts/14640586?utm_source=manual

Our Workshop

We’ll begin by sharing what brings you to this workshop and why this topic is important to you. 

The Shadow: We will then examine the nature of ‘doubt’ and ‘fear’ and why they plague us as humans. You can share real life challenges, especially with regard to the shadow part of sponsor meetings —  the dark, unsaid unknowns. 

The Rational-Emotional-Political model: We will include a lite introduction to this tool, with examples of questions to uncover the emotional and political, i.e., what’s on the table to lose and for whom. 

The Light: Working in small breakouts, we will then discuss approaches and questions to uncover shadows and build trust in sponsor meetings, i.e., how to open up the wins; what’s there to win for all; how to demonstrate trustworthiness in us as facilitators and in the process, in short time cycles; as normally, trust building requires time and long relationships. We will also discuss how we as facilitators can hold a safe space to make this happen.

We will conclude by imagining a sponsor meeting that has gone right and articulating how we feel when the right level of trust is built. 

Our Hosts

Sabina D’Silva is an independent design thinker and innovation facilitator for corporate and social impact projects, based out of India. She is an artist and poet at heart, and a big believer in the transformative power of arts and culture to change our world. Her qualifications include a Masters in Strategic Design from the Politecnico di Milano University, Italy and a DesignShop Facilitation training under Rob Evans in MG Taylor methodologies. Connect with Sabina on LinkedIn.


Photo by Sirisvisual on Unsplash

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