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New Vision for Agriculture: 10 Years with the World Economic Forum

The Value Web is helping CottonConnect and the C&A Foundation re-think the organic cotton supply chain in India.

Production is dropping and the livelihoods of organic cotton growers is at risk while non-organic, so-called ‘conventional’ cotton (using genetically-modified seeds and artificial fertilizers and pesticides) is increasingly dominating the market while undermining the well-being of farmers and their families as well as the productivity and health of the soil.

Re-thinking the organic cotton supply chain in India

We spent two days in Indore in central India working with 170 people from across the supply chain – farmers, farmers organizations, ginners, spinners, manufacturers, retailers, government officials and NGOs – to build achievable strategies for the development and distribution of effective organic seeds, for reducing contamination from non-organic cotton, to improving agricultural practice and dramatically improving the coordination of a remarkably fragmented industry to both increase supply and improve the livelihoods of farmers.

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