Serendipity is always a welcome element in any endeavor. But, generating measurable impact from multi-sector/multi-stakeholder collaboration in transformational projects for a more sustainable and equitable world should not be left to chance. Therefore, members of The Value Web have been experimenting with a new model in local and global communities that aims to clarify the organizing principles for leveraging individual and community assets to create maximum impact. The following story and visualization details our findings.

The Pyramid of Impact

The Pyramid of Impact model describes how to grow collective impact by intentionally linking, aligning, and leveraging individual and community assets.

Personal Niche Capital forms the foundation of the pyramid and includes core assets that individuals are willing to contribute towards designing a solution or solving a problem. These assets typically come in the form of expertise, interests, passions, and/or legacy knowledge. They can also include other elements, such as human or financial capital.

Stages of Relationships is the starting point for generating collective impact where individuals are intentionally networked to form Patches. The combined niche capital of a Patch allows individuals within the Patch to forge collaborations that are purpose-built to solve specific issues or challenges. The focus in this stage, however, lies mainly on the exchange and use of assets within a specific Patch.

Stages of Community enables Patches to be aggregated into a networked community. Here, the Patches support each other for the benefit of the Patches and the community. This aggregation enables collaborations within and across Patches to reach new levels, thereby setting the stage to generate maximum impact.

Stages of Impact yields the transformation of the community into a true value web. Once this stage is achieved, the value web as a whole has learned to collaborate across all Patches within the entire community, and to give back the learning and discoveries that have been generated. This stage enables the value web to generate the highest levels of impact, both internal and external to the value web.


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