I am proud to be part of the Value Web. Every engagement gives me hope that dialogue and collective action can make a difference and tackle the huge issues and divides we are currently facing globally. I want us to keep spreading our reach, so that we can offer our craft in the places where it is most needed.

Facilitator | President, The Value Web

I design and facilitate collaborative experiences for groups that want to solve complex issues together. I bring my deep listening and my strong, positive energy to every engagement I take on.

Having worked in different industries and with many international organisations, I use my experience and passion for human interaction to create powerful workshops, trainings, and longer-term community interventions.

I hold an INSEAD MBA and worked as a consultant in change management before co-founding the Value Web in 2005. Being half-French, half-German, having grown up in Paris, and having worked with people from various different cultures around the world, I deeply value diversity. I live in London with my three children, who are my greatest teachers. Email.