“In the realm of recursive reflections an event is not triggered by a chain of being, but by a field of causes reflecting, bending, mirroring each other in a fun house of nonsense. Rather than cause and control being dispensed in a straight line from its origin, it spreads horizontally, like creeping tide, influencing in roundabout, diffuse ways. Small blips can make big splashes, and big blips no splashes, it is as if the filters of distance and time were subverted by the complex connecting of everything to everything.”

From Kevin Kelly’s Out of Control

Graphic Facilitator | Process Designer

Sita is an astute listener with a highly developed capacity for translating complex conversations, dialogues, and presentations into visual form to serve individual and collective understanding and action. In her work as a graphic facilitator, she works with clients to gain contextual understanding, then designs visual approaches, processes, and frameworks that best support the work of the group both in the room and after the session.

In addition to graphic facilitation, Sita has been working in the field of collaborative design and facilitation since 2000, and is deeply versed in the methodology, processes, models, and tools developed by MG Taylor. Her work as a graphic facilitator and a process (or systems) designer are enabled and enhanced through her collaboration with The Value Web—an international group of designers and facilitators. Sita was a board member of The Value Web from 2009-2016, and is currently serving on the Catalyst Team, focused on operational effectiveness and learning.

Sita is also the co-founder of Mass Collaborative and Easthampton Co.Lab, a community-oriented coworking space. She is based in Western Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband and two young children. Email