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Ripley Lin is a participatory group facilitator and graphic facilitator based in Taipei, Taiwan, and working throughout greater China. She loves to play supportive roles creating workshop environments, collaborating with event facilitators, and facilitating teams of graphic facilitators.

After her education as an Art Educator and graduate work in Fine Arts, her first career was as art teacher to students of all ages. Any student in Ripley’s classes quickly became accustomed to appreciating and learning from the work of all other students in the room. Ripley has thousands of photos of her students proudly showing off their own unique creations.

For the last decade she incorporates a wide range of models and tools—including action learning, Artists’ Way, and many others—in the programs she delivers to support people as they recover their creativity.

Ripley most enjoys working with organizations that seek transformation, breakthrough, or strategic design. An appreciative mindset pulls her into her ongoing personal discovery of the world. Email.

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