It’s difficult to adequately express the feeling of fulfillment after a beautiful collaboration, the sense of shared pride and generosity. For years we’ve known that our practice has the potential to transform the world… We wondered if we’d get the call when the world developed the intent to save itself.

Now we’re wondering how to scale our impact to meet the global need, how to evolve our work to engage those at the margins, and how to apply our unique network to lead the integration of our world’s ecosystems. No place I’d rather be.

Collaboration Designer | Graphic Facilitator

As a managing member of dpict and a member of The Value Web, Mike Fleisch provides graphic facilitation and collaboration design services to clients all over the world. He has created live, realtime visual representations from the speeches of luminaries as diverse as Warren Buffett, Noam Chomsky, and Elon Musk. Mike also enjoys the ecosystem-building process, and has helped design and facilitate over 300 sessions for multiple Fortune 50 corporations and nonprofit organizations, including The World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and the Global Environment Facility.

Mike loves his wife and three sons. His belief in the creative, social power of groups and the unique quality and equal value of every human life led him to found Chase Public in 2010. He has co-authored several published papers on video games, serves on the board of the nascent Academy of U.S. Presidential Scholars, and remains a contributor to Mike is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. Email.