I found my people in The Value Web. Like me, they are forever searching for and trying out smart new ways for groups to work and decide together. We manage to raise the ambitions of people way beyond what they imagined was possible. Our learning paths enable them to reach new levels of relationship and results that are playful and difficult and that empower them to believe, again, in the power of we. In the best instances, people are transformed and recall that real work is fun and rewarding. It’s an especially delightful moment when participants are so hungry to take control of their future that they literally run back to work.

Process Designer | Facilitator

Jodi Engelberg uses models and methods to spur innovation and systems change with groups from every sector and on most continents. She designs and facilitates conversations that enable collaboration, deep relationships, and execution. She believes the global challenges we face require fresh ways to think and work together—across disciplines, geographies, and values. 

As the founding President of The Value Web, an international  group of solution designers and facilitators, Jodi has worked to address some of the world’s thorniest issues. She has worked with UNICEF, IADB, the World Economic Forum, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The International Baccalaureate Organization, and others to build transformational approaches for a more sustainable, equitable world. 

Through Matter, a boutique firm, Jodi applies these methods to complex business issues. She has worked with the top teams of some of the world’s largest companies. 

Jodi began her professional career in healthcare. She served as a healthcare executive in Milwaukee, WI, and at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Hospitals and Clinics. She pivoted to the nonprofit sector and served as the CEO at a contemporary art museum and an urban development/training organization. 

In 2002, Jodi returned to healthcare at Vanderbilt University. The think tank/research center, with a mission to transform the American healthcare system, used the MG Taylor transformational change methods that she uses today.

Jodi has lived in Tokyo, Israel, Switzerland, and all over the US. She now lives in Miami, Florida, with her family.  Email.