“Ideas are one thing. Being able to bring people together to combine ideas, integrate efforts and bring real world solutions to the market place, with tangible value to the world, is an art. People who are involved in crafting a plan for the future become highly motivated and invested in turning the strategies they have contributed to into solutions. Follow through is the difference between dreamed and done. Expert facilitation can be a catalyst and guide through the design / build / use process used to engineer solutions (to complex problems) and seize on emerging opportunities.”

-Jeffrey Fairchild Shults

“Good business is the best art.”

-Andy Warhol

Design | Facilitation | Venture Management

Jeffrey F. Shults is the founder/owner of J. Fairchild Inc., a design and facilitation company that specializes in delivering large-scale strategic planning, organizational change, and transformation engagements.

Jeff works with organizations all over the world helping multi-stakeholder groups come together to plan, integrate efforts, make decisions, and drive results.

He is a master of accelerated learning and systems theory and uses these and other methodologies to help client partners understand and solve complex business problems. Jeff works with partners to co-design and deliver customized engagements tailor-made to help groups achieve dramatic results in accelerated timeframes.

J. Fairchild has an extensive Collaborative Conference Environment that includes all the Work Furniture, Planning Tools, Technology and Knowledge Base Systems needed to produce high-performance workshops and conferences. He is based in San Francisco, California. Email.

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