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Facilitator | Process Designer

Hilde Rydning is a recognized designer and facilitator of accelerated, collaborative processes to solve complex challenges and create consensus across multiple stakeholders.

She is a certified professional facilitator and a trained personal, organization and relationship systems coach with expertise in leadership and organizational development as well as executive coaching.

Her work is guided by her strong belief in that every individual wants to contribute and make a difference when provided with a co-active process in a safe, suitable and stimulating work-space.

Hilde is a partner of Matter Group, an international facilitation company focusing on large scale collaborative problem solving, facilitative leadership and facilitation training, working with local and international clients within both public and private sector.

She has more than a decade of international management experience from both manufacturing and service industries. For several years she was a strategy and transformation consultant and project manager with one of the world’s leading consulting firms.

As a facilitator her work encompasses business transformation, vision and strategy design, leadership development, organizational change and conflict resolution. Hilde has a considerable track record on designing and delivering large scale, collaborative multi-stakeholder business gatherings, including the Danish Maritime Forum and various community events for the World Economic Forum.

Hilde speaks and works in Norwegian, English and Swedish. Email.