I am invigorated by the opportunity to bring people together, engage bright minds and uncover solutions to the intractable and complex challenges in our work, communities and world.

Facilitator | Process Designer

I have had the honour of designing and facilitating collective learning, discussion, and decision-making events for over 35 years all across the globe. They have included family enterprises and Fortune-100 companies at one end of the spectrum, and para-legals working in post-conflict Africa to the Prison Directorate of Bangladesh. I view each as a unique experience to draw upon a strong foundation of tools and frameworks and from the insight I have gained from working in education, management, and economic and political development in over 40 countries.

I have directed INSEAD’s Social Impact Initiative since 2007 and am a founding director of the Governance and Justice Group, a multi-disciplinary organisation that carries out research and advises on issues of access to justice, rule of law, and human rights. I established UNESCO’s Poverty and Human Rights Programme and held senior positions at Amnesty International, Penal Reform International, and numerous community development organisations. I have launched several social ventures including a sustainable tourism organisation in the high Caucuses of Georgia. I hold a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University and am based in Paris. Email.