Being part of such a fantastic network as The Value Web, with the opportunity to have an impact on the world is truly inspiring!

Facilitator | Process Designer

Andor has built a reputation as a powerful facilitator with a strong sense for the human aspect on an individual level and in large group settings.

He is a certified professional facilitator and a certified trainer within one of the most popular programs for basic leadership and management development in Scandinavia, UGL – Understanding Group and Leader.

Since his career as an officer in the Swedish Armed forces in the early 1990s, Andor has been passionate about group dynamics, both in theory and practice. This has shaped him into the bold, compassionate facilitator you experience in front of the room.

Andor is a partner of Matter Group, an international facilitation company focusing on large-scale collaborative problem solving, facilitative leadership, and facilitation training, working with local and international clients in both public and private sectors.

Andor has vast management experience from some of the world’s leading consulting firms and from the global manufacturing industry. Email.