“For the partisan, when he is engaged in a dispute, cares nothing about the rights of the question, but is anxious only to convince his hearers of his own assertions.”

– Plato, Phaedo

Consultant | Designer | Facilitator

Aaron is a consultant, facilitator, designer, technologist and artist based in Toronto, Canada. Using participatory process, visual practice and data-driven design, Aaron focuses on complex, multi-stakeholder challenges. With a practice that spans governments, corporates, startups, non-profits and international organizations, Aaron brings a multidisciplinary approach that is rooted in the belief that each industry, and each stakeholder, has something we can learn from.

Through his work with the Value Web – an international impact collective and design association – and his own company – Goal17, Aaron has had the opportunity to work across a broad spectrum of organizations and industries.

Through his work with UNICEF, WHO, IMF, UNDP, UNEP and the World Economic Forum, Aaron learned how to work with global leaders tackling issues of incredible complexity facing our food systems, our environment and public health. Working with Airbus, HSBC, Facebook, Google, PwC and United Health, he learned the challenges companies face in aligning global teams around critical strategies. Accelerating and incubating hundreds of startups in Toronto’s nascent tech ecosystem taught him the challenges entrepreneurs face in building technology and scaling companies, while also drawing together support networks of investors, advisors and customers.

An avid cook, enthusiastic paddler, and closet macrame artist, Aaron lives with his two sons in Toronto. Email.