Facilitating Difficult conversations

This event took place:
Friday, February 5, 2021
11:00 am – 12:30pm AEDT

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Facilitating difficult conversations is about navigating tension.

Tensions are inescapable in human relationships. Yet most of us were not taught how to navigate this well.

What if we treated conflict as a feature, not a bug, of collaboration?

Join us
Kiri Bear is creating a world where diversity, equality and collaboration are central. She is a facilitator and trainer who creates value in the world by convening Communities of Practice, leading codesign processes, and delivering projects that change the way we live, work and play.

Lina Patel’s mission is to alleviate needless workplace suffering and bring more kindness into the world, one team at a time. She is a Facilitator and Collaboration Designer and works with leaders who value positive social outcomes. In particular those that want to improve how they work. Her specialty is getting things done, calmly.

To explore
In this 90 minute interactive session we’ll explore:

  • Why conflict exists and what use it serves
  • Different orientations to conflict
  • How an abundance vs scarcity mindset plays into how we navigate conflict
  • Compassionate communication as a practical method to navigate conflict
  • You will also rehearse slowing things down (in breakout groups) so there’s more room to acknowledge values and feelings.

What’s in: to make this accessible to a range of practitioners, we will focus on team-based tensions. This means facilitating difficult conversations with colleagues or peers.

What’s out: facilitating difficult conversations with clients and workshop participants. These often contain more complex power dynamics than we will have time to unpack in 90 minutes. We will also not address or present on work from the fields of anti-racism or gender equity. Whilst we recognize that racism, gender discrimination, and other systemic oppression shows up in workplaces, we will not be covering these important, yet out-of-scope topics.

Arrive ready …To get the most out of this, please bring along an example of a workplace tension you are ok to explore with others. We’ll be asking for your input along the way and we recommend joining on a laptop rather than a phone. There will be one (optional) breakout room discussion, which will work best if you are on video.

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