This workshop took place:

Thursday April 8th
10:00AM to 11:30AM CET

Recording & Session Notes Now Available!

What is the Cynefin Framework and how does it parallel the MG Taylor Methodology?


Cynefin is a decision-making framework within naturalised sense-making.

It primarily helps determine the context we are in, prior to taking appropriate action.
The context, in this case,is defined by bounded applicability and its enabling constraints.

Recently published by the Publications Office of the European Union, Managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis. A field guide for decision makers inspired by the Cynefin framework, the Cynefin framework serves as the foundational basis for managing complexity in our turbulent times.

Rooted in complexity theory and knowledge management, the framework has considerableoverlap with several models of the MG Taylor methodology and can serve our community asa tool to aid in decision making.

Our Workshop

During the workshop, we will introduce, discuss and unpack the basics of the cynefin framework. We will also introduce the concept of liminal-cynefin and its new domain “aporia”. In our time together, we will get our hands dirty with exercises to help understand theconcepts and their applicability to our work as complex-problem solvers, conflict resolutionfacilitators, and general practitioners of the Value Web.

During the workshop we will:

  • Understand basic systems within social structures
  • Use and work with the Cynefin framework at a foundational level
  • Gain awareness of how to manage complexity within social systems
  •  Discuss the parallels of cynefin with models found in the MG Taylor methodology.

As preparation for the session, feel free to watch an introduction on Cynefin.


Host Jesko von den Steinen is the lead of “The Difference” with PwC in Hong Kong. He is also atrainer with Cognitive-edge and contributor to the recently published book, CYNEFIN-Weaving sense-making into the fabric of our world.

Prior to joining the world of consulting, facilitation, and complex problem solving, Jesko had along career as a lead artist with Cirque du Soleil and in theatre.

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