Harvesting @ the Transmission 2011 Global Summit

global summit

Transmission Global Summit, Victoria, Canada.

How do you distill 49 roundtable conversations among 150 participants into a red thread and a synthesis model? Listen, make connections and don’t assume the answer beforehand.

Five members of The Value Web just came back from the Transmission Global Summit in Victoria, Canada where we supported a conference with key leaders in the digital media & arts industry. The conversations were structured around three general themes: protecting intellectual property rights versus connecting and opening up (protection/connection), balancing entrepreneurial spirit and ideation with corporate ability to realize commercial (inspiration/realization) and exploring global business opportunities while staying focused on local markets (globalization/localization).

We used a process that we are calling “harvesting & curation,” which is aimed at extracting insights from conversations, discussions and plenary speeches in order to identify the underlying red thread – or threads…

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