Business Pivot in a Time of Continuous Change

How should we decide how to move forward in our business?

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We know some people are hunkering down, saying, “Hey, you know, I know what’s worked for me in the past. And so I want to keep doing that thing.” And so they work harder and harder at what worked before.

But there are no guarantees that it will work in the future! 

If your business had tremendous margins, and you had more business than you needed, and you’re not serving hospitality/travel or corporate meetings, maybe you can hunker down and see.

But if 2019 was a struggle and cash is getting thin, and your sick of putting up with clients that make you cranky — if the pushing and hustling you have been doing has just been depleting you, leaving you more burned out than energized — then this is an excellent time to make a change.

We need to talk about…How you might evaluate what kind of changes to make in times of risk.

This online workshop is free to all participants. Members of our TVW Learning Community on Mighty Networks will have access to the recording and resources.

Workshop Host

Brad Farris Anchor AdvisorsAs Principal Advisor at Anchor Advisors in Chicago, Brad Farris guides business owners through the pitfalls and joys of growing their business. He works with creative business owners and founders with 10 to 100 employees who have seen growth and success in their business, but need to develop systems and processes so that decisions can be made at a lower level of the organization.

Brad is a speaker and author. Brad is passionate about business and helping business owners find better ways to do things, make more money and enjoy life more. Find Brad on Linkedin, and Twitter.

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