Attention all facilitators, convenors, strategists, systems thinkers, collaboration designers, and organizational and team leaders!

If you are eager to be effective and make a meaningful impact, this course is for you. Whether embedded within an organization or working alongside one, this course provides tangible, practical concepts and tools specifically designed for the right groups to take action. You will develop the skills needed to address challenging issues head-on.

Describe how you have gained confidence in leading an engagement, project or group now as a Systems Leader.
“It's really helped me to see the engagements that I lead as an intervention in a system. I hadn't previously thought as myself as someone that impacted systems, but now that I recognise this, it will help me retain perspective and focus more on outcomes and outputs and how the work that I do as a designer and facilitator can contribute to bigger change.”

Naomi SmithCohort 2

Did the course deliver on what it promised? If yes, why?
“The Systems Leader Academy was really rich in content, methods, tools. It was a rare 'behind the scenes' insight of the art of designing for collaboration and facilitation. Our three facilitators were absolutely fantastic, and it was great to hear the thinking of some of the facilitation 'legends'."

Claudia van't HullenaarCohort 1

Was the design challenge a useful focal point for this course? Why or why not? If yes, how did it help you?
“Yes. It was helpful from an experiential learning perspective. It helped me to have a practical container for the SLA content and a venue to experiment in.”

Kate Henderson Cohort 2

What worked well in this course?
“I loved the amount of room for discussion, from where great conversations could evolve. I really enjoyed reflecting with my sparring partner to apply my learnings to my situation and how we could help each other.”

Jenny StolperCohort 1

More than Theory

This course goes beyond theoretical knowledge. You will put ideas into action by working on your case studies, directly addressing your challenges.  

The highly participatory sessions employ a “learn by doing” approach. You will collaborate extensively with small groups of fellow cohort members, engaging with other professionals and training together on real-world assignments.

Course Format

  • The sessions are delivered LIVE by seasoned practitioners and facilitators, spanning four hours each. The course spans eight weeks, with sessions occurring every other week.
  • You can expect to invest approximately two hours between live sessions, dedicating time to readings and other coursework. 

Course Content

  • Acquire the essential tools and mindset to attract the right stakeholders in the right way, laying the groundwork for addressing complex systemic issues.
  • Learn the initial crucial steps for designing and facilitating solutions to complex systemic problems.
  • Gain confidence in leading groups effectively and presenting in front of an audience.
  • Develop and experience highly interactive and engaging approaches to collaboration.
  • Acquire practical skills in utilizing online tools such as Miro for group collaboration and community building in virtual environments.

Upon completion, you will walk away with…

  • Heightened confidence in leading multi-stakeholder projects and a stronger sense of self.
  • A starter tool kit for collaboration and co-creation.
  • Models for facilitating productive conversations.
  • Strategies for aligning diverse perspectives around a shared intent.
  • An understanding of systemic challenges and the strategies required to address them.
  • Increased insight into managing group dynamics through outcomes and objectives.
  • A network of colleagues and instructors who will support you on your journey.
  • Access to an alumni space in TVW’s Learning Community, providing ongoing opportunities for learning and growth.

Join us on this transformative learning journey and empower yourself to become a proficient Systems Leader.

Describe how you have gained confidence in leading an engagement, project or group now as a Systems Leader.
”Seeing and experiencing and hearing the facilitators in action, and capturing nuances to how best to do and deal in different situations, and also the stories and examples of the speakers, contributed to a deeper understanding on how to create more value when creating and facilitating collaboration.”

Claudia van't HullenaarCohort 1

Did the course deliver on what it promised? If yes, why?
“Yes. I was looking for more in-depth conversations about different models, tips and tricks for facilitators, a comprehensive understanding of the role of a facilitator, and being able to grasp the complexity of the world's systems.”

Stéphanie NassensteinCohort 1

Was the design challenge a useful focal point for this course? Why or why not? If yes, how did it help you?
“I am starting to use it with several smaller team meeting engagements and to help others think about how to engage effectively.”

Amanda WronaCohort 1

What worked well in this course?
“The balance between facilitator, presentation, and breakout was good. It was really great that there was always an appetite for questions and felt like the room was made for organic discussions as they arose.”

Naomi SmithCohort 2

Dates & Rates

TBD – Spring 2024

9:00 AM EDT
15:00 CEST

$1,350 Regular (Includes 3 Months Free to the Mighty Network Learning Community)
$1,100 Existing Learning Community Members

*Payment Plans Available*
$200 Deposit Due Upon Acceptance to Academy
Application Deadline: TBD

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Photo of Jodi Engelberg

Jodi Engelberg is an expert in utilizing models and methodologies to drive innovation and foster systemic change among diverse groups across various sectors and continents. Her expertise lies in designing and facilitating conversations that promote collaboration, forge deep relationships, and ensure the effective execution of ideas.  Click for more >>


Svenja Ruger

Svenja is a dedicated facilitator and designer specializing in fostering large-scale collaboration. Her true passion lies in constructing resilient communities and facilitating collaborative processes aimed at tackling complex challenges at a systemic level. Click for more >>


Aaron Williamson is a consultant, facilitator, designer, technologist and artist

Based in Toronto, Canada, Aaron Williamson is a versatile professional who excels as a consultant, facilitator, designer, technologist, and artist. Specializing in participatory processes, visual practices, and data-driven design, Aaron tackles intricate, multi-stakeholder challenges. With extensive experience working with governments, corporations, startups, non-profit organizations, and international entities, Aaron embraces a multidisciplinary approach. His core belief is that every industry and stakeholder holds valuable insights from which we can learn and grow.
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Adrien’s journey with Facilitation began two decades ago, and his love for it has only grown stronger over the years. He continues to embrace this passion with a steadfast commitment and envisions many more fulfilling years ahead. Adrien excels in delivering large-scale events and supporting transformation and change management initiatives. His expertise lies in applying facilitation techniques to HR and learning domains, significantly impacting training and corporate universities. Click for more >>