Our world is passing through multiple transformations between now and 2050. These transitions can be more or less harmonious depending on how they are managed, and on how well people across the planet learn to engage with one another in building the collective future that they want. The Value Web is positioned to catalyze and in some cases lead these transitions. In the process it will have to transform itself, and this combination of external and internal transformation I find very compelling.

Facilitator | Graphic Facilitator

Bryan Coffman has over 30 years of experience designing and leading hundreds of collaborative planning, design and problem solving events. These events have engaged from 7 to 5,000 participants in collectively designing and creating bold futures for themselves and their organizations, solving complex, conflict-laden problem, and building ambitious yet achievable plans to bring their ideas to fruition. Clients in these events have formed strategy; designed organizational transformation; conceived and developed new products and services; designed new systems; developed merger integration plans; and rebuilt processes and structures. These clients represent many industries from hospitality to community development, from technology to financial services, from manufacturing to health care. He has also worked with multi-stakeholder groups, education systems, NGO’s, major non-profit organizations, defense, and many levels of government. Each event leads to acceleration of project deliverables; reduction of project time; and alignment of key stakeholder groups.
In addition, Bryan has transferred the unique collaborative design method and tools to clients who wished to establish their own in-house capabilities.
Most recently, Bryan has focused his talents on ERP, strategy and change management in general, and on the Health Industries and Products & Services Industries sectors. Email.

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